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Breaking News: ZOCONO's Warehouse and Logistics Automation System Obtains EU CE Certification

Issue time:2023-12-29
Recently, ZOCONO's independently developed warehouse and logistics automation system successfully passed rigorous comprehensive testing and multiple technical evaluations conducted by the internationally recognized certification body TÜV. As a result, ZOCONO has obtained the CE certification, which is widely recognized in the European Union. This achievement signifies that ZOCONO's automation equipment has reached an advanced international level in terms of quality, safety, and reliability, marking a significant breakthrough for ZOCONO as it expands into the international market and solidifies a strong foundation for accelerating its global business layout.

ZOCONO's lithium-ion battery production line warehouse and logistics automation system has been approved by EU CE certificated, which will significantly shorten the certification testing cycle for customized automation equipment entering international markets, improve delivery efficiency, meet customer production needs, thus, winning more competitive advantages. The equipment covered in this certification includes stacker, conveyor systems, lift systems, disassembly and assembly machines, and more.

ZOCONO is dedicated to continuously researching and meeting the practical demands of the entire lithium battery manufacturing process and various scenarios. We specialize in providing tailored intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions that cover the entire lithium battery production line. The assistance and support from TÜV in product testing and verification have helped ZOCONO accumulate technical expertise in understanding market access requirements, electrical safety regulations, and other aspects. With our long-term technological accumulation and a strong R&D team, ZOCONO is committed to empowering battery companies with automation, informationization, and intelligence in their production processes.
As a leading provider of high-end intelligent equipment in the field of new energy, ZOCONO always strives to be driven by technological innovation and customer needs. With over twenty years of technological innovation and rigorous quality management system, we have obtained the EU CE certification, providing our customers with strong quality assurance. Taking this opportunity, ZOCONO will stay true to our original aspiration, carry our reputation forward, and dedicate ourselves to providing global customers with higher quality, higher performance, and more efficient non-standard automation equipment and intelligent equipment solutions. We aim to contribute to safety, health, environmental protection, and green manufacturing.