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Seizing the time while pursuing for effectiveness to win praise, ZOCONO is pleased to receive numerous commendations from industry-leading customers

Issue time:2024-01-08
Looking back at 2023, with the support and trust of numerous customers, ZOCONO's project teams actively responded to customer needs, carried out their work in an orderly manner, and overcame various difficulties to successfully achieve efficient and high-quality delivery.
CATL, BYD, LG, REPT, SVOLT, Envision, TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics, CORNEX New Energy, and other industry-leading customers have frequently sent thank-you letters and presented pennants to express their high recognition of ZOCONO’s outstanding performance in project advancement, R&D achievements, and technological innovation. They have also affirmed the deep friendship forged over the long term co-operation with ZOCONO and expressed their support and expectations for ZOCONO's future development.

Mission Must Be Achieved
A delivery team that responds quickly
In the past year, facing various emergencies and challenges in projects such as supply chain capacity shortages, large delivery quantities, and urgent customer needs, ZOCONO's team rose to the occasion, maintained consistent pace, actively responded, formulated numerous effective solutions, and quickly implemented them. With the mission to achieve assured quality, quantity, and delivery, they have repeatedly achieved outstanding completion of customer-required milestone objectives.
— The sales team actively coordinates resources from all parties to support and meticulously implements every detail, ensuring that customers are timely informed of the progress of the project.
 — The project leader formulated plans in advance, integrated and scheduled them reasonably, followed up on equipment information daily, checked material status, and updated customers on delivery progress regularly.
— The production center worked day and night to catch up with the schedule, completing tasks such as equipment installation, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, commissioning, and delivery on time.
— The on-site team was professional and responsible, following construction technical steps and measures, and making every effort to do a good job in all assignments, implementing the projects safely and efficiently.
— Electrical and software technical engineers were stationed on-site, actively communicating with customers, resolving problems promptly, and ensuring that the equipment meets customer production requirements.
With an unwavering spirit and excellent professional technical skills, ZOCONO successfully completed the acceptance and delivery of multiple projects, receiving unanimous recognition and affirmation from customers.

Customer First
Continuously focus on value creation
For over twenty years, ZOCONO has always adhered to the service concept of "customer-first". With a sincere service mindset and professional service standards, we aim to meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations, continuously creating maximum value for customers. Faced with tight deadlines and heavy workloads, the project team members collaborate closely, respond quickly to customer needs, and provide timely, efficient, and high-quality services and technical support, fully demonstrating the corporate culture values of ZOCONO.
Outstanding production capacity advantage
To meet the large-scale production demands of customers, ZOCONO continuously optimizes its industrial layout. In addition to the three major industrial manufacturing bases in Guangming, Shenzhen, Huangjiang and Tangxia, Dongguan, ZOCONO has established a subsidiary in Hungary and signed an official contract to establish a subsidiary in Wuwei, Anhui in November last year. Its market presence spans both domestic and international markets, aiming to provide comprehensive and robust support to customers.
Leading technological innovation capability
ZOCONO has been deeply involved in the industry of new energy intelligent equipment for many years, relying on technological innovation and synergies along the industrial chain to build high barriers to core technologies, leading and supporting the company's high-quality development. The independently developed third-generation water-cooling integrated grading machine with gallium nitride solution drives the aim of cost reduction, energy saving, efficiency improvement, safety enhancement, and intelligence enhancement in the field of grading solutions, meeting the demands of downstream battery customers and achieving an annual cost reduction of RMB 8 million, significantly improving the competitiveness of customer production lines. At the same time, ZOCONO actively expands into cutting-edge fields such as optical storage and semiconductors, transitioning from integration to industrialization, and strengthening the company's core competitiveness from multiple dimensions.
Efficient after-sales service system
ZOCONO provides customers with dedicated after-sales teams stationed on-site to provide timely and high-quality services. The company implements a 7*24-hour real-time response system to ensure rapid response to on-site issues. In the event that a problem or emergency cannot be resolved within one hour, the company will immediately initiate an upgrading and reporting mechanism. ZOCONO adheres to customer needs as a guide, providing comprehensive protection for project quality and quantity, and taking customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal of market services.
As time flies and seasons change, ZOCONO concludes a successful chapter in 2023 with the recognition and praise from numerous industry clients. Harvesting the fruits of its hardworking, ZOCONO remains steadfast and continues to forge ahead. In the continuous flourishing of the new energy industry, ZOCONO will embrace its customers even more closely, understanding their needs and fulfilling their desires. ZOCONO is committed to making greater contributions to the "Chinese-characteristic" modernization and promoting the development of the country's new type of industrialization.