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Intelligent Software System

Intelligent Software System

Warehouse Management System

Document Management:Pre-contains 17 kinds of electronic documents, delicacy, paperless management

Flexible Extension: Processes different business logic according to the type of business

Process Flow:Different materials can be set up with different process flow, parameters

Status Monitoring: Hundreds of information status can be viewed in the management system

Strategy Configuration:Different wave templates and strategies for different services can be selected

Task-driven:Drives different workers or devices to complete corresponding tasks

Process Tracing:Tracing the operation records of any person at any time

Inventory Registry:Real-time query of logistics outbound data, documents or inventory affecting actions

Warehouse Control System

Efficient System Design
Multi-threaded multitasking design, Meet a variety of device scheduling, Memory does not automatically increase, The system runs stably and efficiently

Flexible Path Planning
Layout design bases on logistics equipment,Quickly configure different materials for execution in different processes, Easy to adjust the process flow at any time

Personalized Interface Configuration
Customized visual element size and color fonts, Able to indicate logistics direction

Visual Device Management
Monitor device status and actions, Detect device faults in a timely manner

Formation & Grading Detecting System

False Shutdown Prevention:The architecture separates the front and back ends to prevent the backstage being accidentally shut down in the system deployment

Data Analysis Improved by 200%:Process data can be stored in non-relational databases

High-frequency Transmission and Storage:Using ring caching technology, data 1ms/ frame

Logic Simplification:The linear division philosophy is used to build work step router, improve system stability, and simplify project development difficulty

Continuous Iteration and Automatic Update:Gitlab implements continuous iteration and integration of versions, and Docker deployment can be automatically upgraded

Fast Upgrade Speed:The middle machine and power batch program of the whole belt will be completed in 5mins

Open Database Interface:To achieve algorithm development and application for product big data analysis, quality judgment, capacity prediction

Digital Twin Monitoring System

Production Equipment Management:Equipment operation status, abnormal alarm, maintenance and other life cycle of delicacy management

Order Comprehensive Analysis:Production order visualization and tracking, business and product data analysis, production strategy adjustment

Production Line Visualization:Key process monitoring, production quality control

Material Storage Management:3D model data analysis and visualization, intelligent inventory, inventory alert, improved inventory accuracy

Energy System Management:Real-time data access of plant energy consumption, electricity and gas usage data analysis, equipment energy consumption optimization