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R&D Capability

R&D and MFG

R&D Capability

  • 11%

    Proportion of R&D Investment

  • 85%

    Proportion of Independent R&D Products

  • 40%

    Proportion of R&D Staff

  • 80%

    Personnel Proportion of 5-year+ Experience

  • 300

    Mechanical R&D Engineer

  • 150

    Electrical R&D Engineer

  • 150

    Software Development Engineer

  • 200

    Power Supply / Semiconductor R&D Engineer

Intelligent MFG

  • Customized System Integration Service
    With customer needs as the core, we provide highly customized one-stop system integration services from hardware selection to software configuration, single equipment solutions to whole-line system integration, digital factory to smart factory solutions. With 20-year experience in automation, supported by a strong technical team, we closely follow the technical trend and integrate with customer needs to use the most reasonable process with appropriate equipment. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the production line, we maximize the efficiency for customers.
  • Advanced Technology System
    In intelligent manufacturing, Zocono continues to invest in R&D, constructed three manufacturing bases, and introduced the world's leading manufacturing technology and equipment. Adhere to Industry 4.0 standards, Internet of Things, big data, machine learning and other technologies are applied to create highly automated and intelligent production lines. By real-time data analysis, we predict, adjust and optimize production processes to ensure efficient production and product consistency.
  • Full Life Cycle Quality Management System
    Zocono's quality management covers the whole life cycle of products. Strict standards are set from the incubation stage of product design to the delivery on site covering scheme planning, design and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, etc. Advanced testing technology is applied to monitor production in real time to ensure quality. We track product market performance through feedback mechanisms and continuously optimize to ensure that each product maintains the highest quality throughout its life cycle.