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Another Prestigious Accolade! ZOCONO Honored the "2023 Investment Value Award"

Issue time:2023-12-20
In the context of the "Dual-Carbon" goals and energy transition, ZOCONO is actively advancing, continuously innovating, and dedicating itself to product research. With technology empowerment, we aim to support the high-quality development of the new energy industry. Recently, we have been consistently recognized with numerous industry honors, showcasing our comprehensive strength and influence in the lithium-ion battery and energy storage fields. We are proud to receive widespread recognition for our contributions and impact in these areas.

From December 14th to 16th, the 2023 High-Tech Energy Storage Annual Conference and the High-Tech Golden Globe Awards ceremony with the theme "Breaking the Cycle and Sailing Forward" were grandly held in Shenzhen. The event brought together numerous industry experts from the entire industrial chain of energy storage system integration, batteries, PCS (Power Conversion Systems), BMS (Battery Management Systems), EMS (Energy Management Systems), thermal management, and fire safety. They gathered to discuss trends, explore directions, and collaborate on the development of the energy storage industry.

Challenges and Opportunities Coexist
Hard Working is the Only Way to Stay Ahead
As the co-organizer of this event, Zhang Kunming, General Manager of ZOCONO, was invited to attend and deliver a speech at the opening ceremony. Mr. Zhang said that the energy storage industry is booming under the dual-carbon goals, which not only brings huge opportunities, but also triggers fierce competition. Product prices are at a record low and involution is serious. Elimination and reshuffling have become inevitable. Only by striving to be first can we stay ahead.

ZOCONO continues to increase R&D investment, strives to innovate new product creativity, and joins hands with industry chain partners to use third-generation semiconductor GaN solutions to significantly improve battery performance, reduce customers’ comprehensive operational costs, highlight the company's core competitiveness, and help customers realize intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation to drive healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Industry Competition Intensifies
Building product strength is the key to breaking the situation
At the opening ceremony on December 14, He Linqi, Head of ZOCONO Marketing Center, delivered a keynote speech on "Intelligent Battery Manufacturing Upgrading and Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement", explaining how ZOCONO builds product strength through technological innovation, thus, providing strong support for ultra intelligent manufacturing, large-scale cost reduction, and quality and efficiency improvement in the energy industry.

He Linqi pointed out that competition in the energy storage industry has intensified and has entered a white-hot stage, and the competition in equipment companies is the same situation. However, with strong product strength and delivery capabilities, ZOCONO has always occupied a favorable position in the industry.

In the field of forming and capacity grading testing equipment, ZOCONO adopts the third-generation all-in-one GaN solution, which takes market and customer demand as the core of R&D. The solution takes the lead in the industry. While the charging and discharging efficiency and performance are greatly improved, compared with traditional solutions, energy consumption is reduced by 60%, and annual comprehensive operational costs and BOM costs are reduced. A single production line can save customers more than RMB8 million in energy consumption every year, providing the ultra-Intelligent manufacturing with high precision and efficiency, low energy consumption and cost.
In terms of intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions, ZOCONO has deeply explored the entire process scenario of lithium-ion battery manufacturing. 85% of the equipment is self-developed and produced, equipped with WMS/WCS and digital twin systems developed by ZOCONO, which has successfully completed 500+ project cases, helping customers to realize intelligent manufacturing upgrades to meet high-quality delivery and efficient operation.
In terms of solutions in the field of optical storage, ZOCONO makes full use of the third-generation semiconductor GaN solution, collaborates with well-known companies in the industry, and promotes the high-quality development of energy storage technology in multiple dimensions. It has customized and developed photovoltaic testing equipment and micro-inverters that have been highly recognized by strategic customers. The product quality and performance far exceed those of silicon-based solutions.

Roundtable Dialogue
Discuss Ways to Break Through the Energy Storage Industry
In the roundtable dialogue session, He Linqi, Head of the ZOCONO Marketing Center, had in depth exchange with a number of energy storage industry giants on hot topics such as the review of 2023 and the outlook for 2024, corporate strategic responses to excess and involution, and how the energy storage industry can win a protracted war.

Energy Storage Golden Globe Award
Awarded "2023 Investment Value Award"
At the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony held at the same time as the conference, ZOCONO won the "2023 Hi-tech Golden Globe Award - Annual Investment Value Award “for its outstanding market development, innovation capabilities, industrial planning and huge development potential. This honor not only highlights the high recognition of ZOCONO by the industry and capital market, but also reflects the company's commitment to promoting sustainable development and focusing on serving customers with heart.

In the future, under the general trend of global carbon neutrality, ZOCONO will unswervingly work closely with the upstream and downstream partners of the new energy industry chain to assist the high-speed and high-quality development and green transformation of the new energy industry, and strive to realize the vision of clean energy.