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Awarded Again! ZOCONO Wins 2023 Best Practice Gold Ball Award

Issue time:2023-12-16

December 11-13, 2023 High School Robotics Annual Conference & High School Golden Ball Award Ceremony was held grandly at Shenzhen Hyatt Hotel with the theme of “Accumulating for Ten Years, Making Smart Achievements”. This conference invited over 800 professionals from upstream and downstream companies, scholars in the robotics industry chain such as core components, robot bodies, system integration, and application terminals of robots to jointly discuss major strategic issues such as policy prospects, capital floods, industrial leaps, cross-border wrestling, model innovation, application extension and overseas expansion.
Honored with the Annual Benchmark Case

As a global leading provider of new energy intelligent equipment, ZOCONO is honored with the 2023 IGC “Annual Benchmark Case” for its outstanding annual performance in the lithium battery industry and its software & hardware integrated solutions for the full-process logistics. 

“The Gaogong Golden Ball Award” is known as the “Oscars of the robotics industry” and is highly prestigious and authoritative within the industry. With over 20 years of R&D manufacturing experience and accumulated leading technologies in the field of automation, robust comprehensive strength, and customer recognition, ZOCONO, after multiple rounds of evaluations by the organizing committee, has won this crown. This achievement represents the unanimous endorsement and affirmation from authoritative business organizations of ZOCONO’s industry position.

ZOCONO’s three major advantages in standing out
Solutions covering the full spectrum of lithium battery scenarios and processes 
Aiming at industry pain points such as “high manual cost”, “long material turnover cycle”, “high transportation cost”, and “high demand for flexible production”, ZhiJiaNeng has deeply explored the full-process scenarios in lithium battery manufacturing, taking customer needs as guidance.  85% of its core software and hardware are self-developed and self-produced, providing customers with efficient, reliable and stable full-process intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions covering the entire lithium battery production line, including automatic supply of raw materials, intelligent logistics of cell piece segments, intelligent warehousing of precursor segments, and intelligent logistics for module PACK

over 500 projects, ranks among the top in the industry

With 20 years of dedication to the automation field, ZOCONO has accumulated experience in delivering over 500 projects, boasting industry-leading capabilities in manufacturing and delivering equipment for the lithium battery industry, including over 2,000 stacker cranes, 1,000 lift trucks, 200,000 meters of conveyor lines, 3 million storage locations, and 1,000 robots. In terms of market share, ZOCONO ranks among the top in the industry and has repeatedly earned customer recognition and word-of-mouth. Among top new energy customers, ZOCONO’s coverage rate approaches 100%.
Software and hardware integration assists in realizing digital smart factories

On the basis of independently researching and manufacturing intelligent hardware, ZOCONO has also independently developed WCS/WMS, known as the central nervous system of warehouse systems. It coordinates logistics circulation, material management, location management, task management, equipment scheduling and other objectives, integrates 3D, AI and other visualization and digitization technologies into a digital twin software system, and helps customers realize intelligent, digitalized, and informative smart factories.

Roundtable Discussion,Preparing for the New Cycle
On December 13th, at the “New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing Roundtable Discussion: Preparing for the New Cycle”, He Linqi, General Manager of Marketing at ZOCONO, together with several industry leaders, engaged in an in-depth discussion on topics such as overcapacity and new opportunities in the lithium battery and photovoltaic industries, the difficulties, pain points and breakthroughs of landing 3D vision + AI single-chip solutions in manufacturing, as well as the coordination and requirements between warehouse integration, line-side warehouses and intelligent production lines.

This award is not only a testament to our company’s advancement and expertise in project integration, but more importantly, it represents the high recognition of the ZOCONO brand and values from the industry. Moving forward, ZOCONO will live up to expectations by continuing to explore customer needs, providing leading, high-quality intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions across the entire lithium battery production line in cooperation with partners across the ecological chain. Together, we will help upgrade the intelligent manufacturing and foster thriving development of the new energy industry.